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Scooters and all that goes with it is our passion! We love to help our customers to choose an appropriate scooter. Quality of the scooters is very important to us, but a good price / quality ratio as well. That's why we only buy the best brands from authorized suppliers. In case any faults apear customers can always rever to us. We are more than happy to look for an appropriate solution.

Stepshop.nl was in September 1999 the first website launched for online scooter sales. As an independent member of Gooiker Step Trading (www.steptrading.nl), this shop has become one of the most specialized scooter websites in Europe. With a wide choice and a physical inventory of over 10,000 scooters we are able to deliver quickly to consumers and businesses across Europe. Our goal is to enable both children and adults to play outside and sport with loads of pleasure!

Wholeheartedly we say: Your kick is our drive!


About Vincent Gooiker


A long time ago, he started on a children's scooter whose he did raise the wheel. It seemed a good way to go to college, where he graduated in 1994 as a teacher. In the years that followed he has stepped fanatically. Weekly trainings, tours, contests at home and abroad, the scooter Elfstedentocht, Alpe d'Huez, Col du Galibier and the Mont Ventoux. 20 years ago he also founded 'Step Team Twente’ in Hengelo. And last but not least: he’s a multiple Dutch champion in the discipline 'Cross' (photo).

While he was in service at the secondary school for kids with special needs, he ran with Jolanda a small scooter business from home. The first years he provided rental scooters on demand as well, while teaching still was his core business. Meanwhile, everywhere he went (often with Jolanda) he has made a lot of groups and persons very enthusiastic about the scooters.

Shortly after the birth of their daughter Famke in 2003, Vincent terminated his permanent employment at school to have more time to undertake his talent as entrepreneur. For example used scooters were sold after two seasons because the rental equipment "must be excellent." Selling scooters became more intens and again there was a point where a decision had to be made. The rental of hundred scooters, trailers and customer base had to go!

In the relatively small scooter world Vincent is a familiar guest. Over the last couple of years Vincent both visited and stood at exhibitions and fairs such as the Cycling and Walking Fair in Utrecht The Netherlands, the Toy Fair in Nuremberg Germany and Eurobike in Friedrichshafen Germany. As an advocate of responsible entrepreneurship Vincent visited factories in Finland, Czech Republic, Taiwan, China and Pennsylvania (USA). He went there to have a look during processing and meanwhile kept an eye out on safety and environment during the production of scooters. At this time ten sustainable scooter brands are imported by Step Trading.

The thrill of entrepreneurship is here every single day. To be able to do what you are good at and above all to have fun at work is a gift, because life is too valuable to spend the day reluctant. Carpe Diem.


"I was lucky to be able to turn my hobby into my job. My optimism is endless, Jolanda says sometimes, but I just love to have happy people around me, and to hold them around me as well. Most of the time I see bright spots and opportunities everywhere. I really love entrepreneurship. Working with a social twist is something I prefer. For example, Frank, our warehouseworker, is a former student of mine. And he’s part of our business  for 10 years now.  So I never abandoned my job as a teacher completely. I really enjoy existing customers coming back again; this keeps me going! "

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About Jolanda Stelma-Gooiker


I was born and raised in ‘Friesland’ one of the Dutch states up north in our country wich is known for all it’s waterways and many lakes. As we speak she’s living half of her life in the east-part of The Netherlands. This region is called Twente and is famous for it’s peacefull surroundings. Although she’s missing all the lakes, channels and corresponding wind, she’s more then happy here with all the cycle paths. It gives her a lot of opportunity’s to go around by bike or scooter!

Every Monday night she guides a step group, this is very rewarding to her. Sometime later in the week she chooses a moment to go bij herself to clear her head.

A private company was never a desire she had. In high school she even dropped the subject of economics after a year. A businessplan is never written, plans to sell scooters are never made , it just happened. Entrepreneurship is to Jolanda all about chemistry and freedom. Chemistry, wich she experiences to be next to her husband. They bring out the best in each other. And freedom shows off to work in her own time in a homely atmosphere. Together they form a solid team,both at home and business wise.

The kick shows in all the nice things they experience together and the freedom to work with each other. Carpe Diem.

Interested to step along in our step group? Feel free to call me at 003174-2919903 or please write to info@stepshop.nl


"After a year we started stepverhuur.nl I became seriously ill, this was in July 2000. I have spent a lot of time in bed after chemotherapy and radiation. But I continued to answer the phone with requests for new rental contracts, which felt like a nice distraction . During those calls I spoke to a lot of nice positive people and I if possible I accompanied Vincent to lease assignments, sometimes even lying on the back seat, but I still had a little break. Nowadays we still combine business with pleasure, so I've been to many beautiful places in Europe.

Walking or stepping, neither were obvious for me afterwards. So it’s probably needless to say how gratefull I am to be up and running!

11 years after my illness I (finally) felt physical strong again. I decided to start an intensive year of training to be able to ascent  the Alpe d'Huez. I went up by scooter in three hours for charity. This was so much more than an unforgettable experience, it was a definite highlight!

My drive comes from gratitude for life, to experience that satisfied feeling during and especially after stepping. More than once I experience benefits from that one hour intensive outdoor sports for a couple of days after the ride. The views along the way and full exposure to the elements of nature while stepping are the things I enjoy most. And those things I love to share with others!”

If you’ve any questions about a scooter, please call us, we are more than happy to assist you.

0031- (0) 74-2919903

Vincent Gooiker & Jolanda Stelma-Gooiker


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